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Cinco de Mayo Comes Early With Irie Occasions!

One things for sure there will be plenty of Tacos and Margarita's eaten on the 5th of May and you can guarantee that at least three Tacos and 2 Margaritas will be consumed by me! You know i love all foods but i simply must have a bit of Jamaican flare no matter the food, so i sat back and thought to myself how can i add my Jamaican flare to a Taco?

Then came the twirling through my mental library of recipes and POOOF it hit me. Escoviche fish would make a great tasting taco, but then i thought once i toss that fish in the Escoviche sauce it's going soak up all that sauce. Though it will still taste amazing, it will be too moist to stand up in a Taco and will just fall apart. So nope! That wont work! it will be delicious but it will not work!

Then i said to myself "I do love a shrimp Taco so maybe that's what i should do". Well, then it hits me again POOOF! How about an Escoviche Shrimp Taco? Then i thought to myself "Laaawd my fellow Jamaicans gonna have a fit because you don't Escoviche shrimp do you?" My response to myself is "Hell Yeah". I'm having Escoviche Shrimp Tacos and that will just be the end of it.

Well my, my, my, mamamy, my it show was goooood and simple to make. All you need to do is batter your shrimp in your favorite breader, fry it and then toss it in my home made Escoviche sauce. Add some fresh slices of cucumbers, a bit of mixed super greens, a few shrimps and some of those peppers and onions in your Escoviche sauce and you're in a sweet and spicy Taco heaven. Serve it paired with your favorite trimmings. For me it was Jamaican style seasoned rice, refried beans and roasted corn. I wont bore you with the written details of cooking this dish. I will instead encourage you to visit my "IrieKitchen" youtube channel where you can cook along with me step by step as i prepare the Escoviche Sauce. You will simply replace the fish with shrimp and have your mind blown by this delicious and simply variation to the traditional Taco. Pair it with a margarita and enjoy!

Happy Cooking


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